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GSA Playground Safety Complaince Audit Form 2008-2024 free printable template

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Playground Safety Compliance Audit Form Playground Name/ID Number Injuries to children may occur from many types of playground equipment and environmental con ditions. Playground policy statement 11. Staff training documentation 12. Initial play area safety audit 13. LOW FREQUENCY PLAYGROUND INSPECTION FORM 1 Owner 20 NOTE the Agency s attorney in defending potential litigation. Release ONLY to Agency officials Risk Manager or investigating police officers. Rev. 7/6/08 Itemized List of...
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How to fill out playground inspection checklist form


How to fill out playground inspection checklist:

Start by gathering all necessary tools and materials to conduct the inspection, such as a clipboard, pen, and the inspection checklist itself.
Begin by carefully inspecting the overall condition of the playground, focusing on any visible damage to equipment, surfacing, or surrounding areas. Note any concerns or issues on the checklist.
Proceed to inspect each individual piece of playground equipment, checking for any loose or broken parts, sharp edges, or any signs of wear and tear. Document any findings on the checklist.
Evaluate the safety of the playground surface, ensuring it meets the required standards for impact attenuation. Look for any signs of erosion, inadequate depth, or the presence of foreign objects. Record any observations on the checklist.
Examine the playground’s fencing and gates, making sure there are no gaps, protruding nails, or other potential hazards. Note any concerns on the checklist.
Inspect the signage and labeling on the playground, including safety instructions, age recommendations, and maintenance guidelines. Verify that all signs are legible and in good condition, making a note if any adjustments are needed.
Review the maintenance records and log any necessary repairs or maintenance tasks on the checklist. This can include items like replacing worn-out parts, repairing damaged surfacing, or scheduling professional inspections.
Complete the inspection checklist by signing and dating it, ensuring that all relevant information has been properly documented.

Who needs playground inspection checklist?

Playground owners and operators, such as schools, parks, and child care facilities, need a playground inspection checklist to ensure the safety and compliance of their play areas.
Playground inspection companies or professionals who conduct regular inspections require a checklist to systematically assess and document the condition of playgrounds.
Safety regulatory bodies and government agencies might use playground inspection checklists to assess compliance with safety standards and regulations.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing playground inspection checklist

Instructions and Help about playground audit forms

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People Also Ask about playground inspection checklist

When to Replace Playground Equipment. Playground equipment updates should be performed every 8-10 years to keep them maintained. However, many playgrounds can last well beyond 10, 15, 20 or more years. Weather, usage, and quality affect the actual lifespan of your playground.
Visual routine inspections, performed daily or weekly, will help maintain a safe environment for children at play. Periodic inspections should be performed by a CPSI (or with a guided inspection software like Park Protector) monthly, quarterly, or annually.
Children's playgrounds should be inspected annually by an independent specialist to ensure the long term safety of the site, equipment and ancillary items.
How Often Should Playground Equipment be Inspected. Playground equipment should ideally be maintained and inspected weekly in a high usage playground. With the uptick in infection the corona virus has shown us, it is important to properly clean, disinfect, and maintain all playground equipment to keep everyone safe.
What should be included on the checklist? Environment. dust, gases, fumes, sprays, lighting, noise, ventilation. Buildings. windows, doors, floors, stairs, roofs, walls, elevators. Containers. Electrical. Fire protection equipment. Hand tools. Hazardous products. Materials handling.

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Playground inspection checklists should be completed by a qualified person such as a playground safety inspector or a qualified playground safety consultant. This person should be trained in the standards of playground safety and be knowledgeable of the playground equipment they are inspecting.
1. Check for hazardous conditions: Inspect all play equipment for sharp edges, protrusions, exposed bolts, exposed nails, and other hazards. 2. Check for proper installation: Make sure all play equipment is securely anchored to the ground and that all platforms and guardrails are firmly attached and not loose. 3. Check for proper use of safety surfacing: Inspect all play areas for proper use of safety surfacing such as rubber mats, mulch, sand, or wood chips. 4. Check for proper maintenance: Look for signs of wear and tear on play equipment and safety surfacing, as well as any broken or worn parts that need to be replaced. 5. Check for loose pieces: Inspect all play equipment for any parts that are loose or not securely attached, as these can present a choking hazard. 6. Check for age-appropriateness: Make sure all play equipment is appropriate for the age range of children using the playground. 7. Check for obstructions: Make sure there are no obstacles blocking the path of children using the playground. 8. Check for adequate signage: Make sure there are clear signs indicating the age ranges allowed on the playground, as well as any other safety rules or regulations that must be followed.
A playground inspection checklist is used to ensure that a playground is safe and meets all necessary safety standards. It is designed to identify potential hazards, such as loose fittings, sharp edges, and trip hazards, as well as inspect the condition of the playground equipment and surfaces. The checklist ensures that the playground is safe and accessible for all users.
The exact deadline for playground inspections in 2023 is dependent on local and state regulations. It is best to contact your local municipality or state government for more specific information.
A playground inspection checklist is a tool used to assess the safety and maintenance standards of a playground. It usually includes a series of tasks and markers to evaluate the different areas of the playground, such as equipment, surfacing, signage, surrounding environment, and overall maintenance. The checklist ensures that all necessary aspects of the playground are examined and any potential hazards or issues are identified for repair or maintenance.
The information that must be reported on a playground inspection checklist includes: 1. Date and time of the inspection. 2. Location of the playground. 3. Name of the inspector. 4. General condition of the playground equipment, including any visible damage or wear, such as rust, missing bolts, cracked or broken parts, loose fittings, or sharp edges. 5. Condition of surfacing materials like rubber, sand, or mulch, checking for proper depth, evenness, and any signs of displacement or hazards. 6. Presence and condition of protective barriers, such as fences or gates, to prevent unauthorized access or animals from entering. 7. Inspection of swing sets, checking for proper installation, stability, and condition of swing seats, chains, and hooks. 8. Condition and safety features of slides, including surface condition, presence of guards or handrails, and any signs of damage or hazards. 9. Inspection of climbing structures, such as platforms, stairs, ladders, or ramps, checking for stability, secure anchoring, and any signs of wear or damage. 10. Condition and safety features of seesaws, merry-go-rounds, or spinners, checking for proper installation, seat condition, and any signs of damage or hazards. 11. Evaluation of any other playground equipment, such as tunnels, bridges, or balancing beams, checking for stability, condition, and hazards. 12. Assessment of any loose or protruding hardware or components that may pose a risk of entrapment or injury. 13. Evaluation of the overall cleanliness and maintenance of the playground area, including trash, debris, and any signs of vandalism or hazards. 14. Identification of any specific safety concerns or maintenance needs that require immediate attention. 15. Signature and contact information of the inspector.
The penalty for the late filing of a playground inspection checklist can vary depending on local regulations and policies. In some jurisdictions, there may be specific fines or penalties outlined for late or missed inspections. These penalties are typically designed to encourage timely inspections and ensure the safety of playgrounds for children. It is important to consult with local authorities or relevant governing bodies to determine the specific penalty for late filing in your area.
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